Auditing and Food Safety: Perishable Pundit Comments on LGMA Letter


In the aftermath of the listeria outbreak associated with Jensen Farms cantaloupe, a letter was sent to Perishable Pundit editor Jim Prevor authored by Ed Beckman, President of the California Tomato Farmers and me.  This week, that letter appeared in the Pundit along with some typically insightful commentary by Mr. Prevor. 

The purpose of our letter to Jim was to provide some insights on important lessons which have been learned by CTFA and the LGMA over the five years these two similar programs have been in place to provide mandatory government inspections of food safety practices for California leafy greens and tomatoes.  The letter emphasized that an audit alone is not enough to adequately protect public health and we noted the importance that our systems continuously evolve and improve.

The Pundit piece is definitely worth reading and, as usual, Jim Prevor provides an interesting perspective on eight important points he identified from our letter.  The piece can be found here at the Perishable Pundit website. We thank the Perishable Pundit and Jim Prevor for publishing our letter and for taking the time to give it some thoughtful coverage.

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