The Secret Behind a Culture of Food Safety

It’s not really a secret…  What drives a culture within a company are its beliefs.  As the LGMA recently hit the 10-year milestone, we set out to identify the beliefs that make over 90% of U.S. produced leafy greens safer for consumers.

Here are those beliefs:

We believe everyone deserves safe food.

We believe that food safety begins on the farm.

We believe in science-based food safety practices & government audits.

We believe in 100% compliance with food safety practices.

No exceptions.

We believe that the LGMA creates a culture of food safety on the farm.

We believe in protecting public health.

We believe that every produce buyer should require LGMA certification.

It’s good for our customers. It’s the right thing to do.

Again, these things aren’t a secret.  They are the beliefs that our member companies embody complying with the LGMA not just once; but every day.  These beliefs are the foundation of the LGMA program and will continue to shape the future of the leafy greens industry.

Something New

After ten years the LGMA and its members are committed as ever to safe leafy greens.  In fact, we are celebrating the 10-year milestone by recommitting to food safety.  When you are creating or building a culture, that culture is something you have to commit to every day.

One thing that is changing with the LGMA is our logo.  We are proud to debut a new look that should help everyone from produce buyers to regulators, and even the leafy greens farming community recognize what it means to be a LGMA member:

Thank you to all 97 members of the California LGMA,

and the thousands of employees who work for them,
for your commitment to safe leafy greens.


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