All California Romaine is Now from Central Coast

Romaine Harvest Has Ceased in CA Desert Areas Near Yuma, AZ

The Centers for Disease Control has updated information on the multi-state E. coli outbreak associated with romaine lettuce from the Yuma growing region.  As part of the announcement, health officials continue to reiterate advisories instructing consumers to avoid romaine lettuce from the Yuma growing region.

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement continues to remind consumers that leafy greens harvest in the desert growing areas near Yuma has ceased. All romaine from California is currently being harvested from the central coast region near the cities of Salinas, Santa Maria and Oxnard or from the San Joaquin Valley. A map of California and Yuma growing areas is provided here for perspective.

The LGMA is closely monitoring the situation and is working though the California Department of Food and Agriculture to assist in the investigation. As is always the case, leafy greens producers now harvesting in the coastal region of California are subject to mandatory government audits conducted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture to verify that science-based food safety practices are being followed on leafy greens farms.

The LGMA food safety program was formed in 2006 as an unprecedented commitment to protecting public health. There is no other program in the produce industry that is more rigorous when it comes to on-farm food safety practices.

Under the LGMA program, LGMA members, who represent 99 percent of all leafy greens produced in the state, must be in 100 percent compliance with over 150 food safety checkpoints examined during each on-farm audit. Every LGMA member is audited by government officials an average of five times per year.

Food safety is our top priority. We are focused on doing everything we can to end this outbreak and prevent this from happening in the future. We feed the food we grow to our own families. We can only imagine the impact this outbreak is having on the families who have been affected by this tragedy.

Updated Consumer FAQs are here

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