2017 Reminding workers

Reminding Workers Why Food Safety Is Important

Telling the story of foodborne illness makes an impact Our friend Deirde Schlunegger at


The Most Powerful Word in the English Language

Frank Yiannas is Walmart’s Vice President of Food Safety and an author.  His books focus

Left to right:  Scott Horsfall, Rylee Gustafson, Deirdre Schlunegger and Dan Sutton

STOP Foodborne Illness Receives Golden Checkmark Award

Following an insightful discussion on the positive impacts being realize


4 things to look forward to at the United Fresh Produce Show

The United Fresh Produce Show is right around the corner and the LGMA ha


Training Thousands through LGMA Tech

Most people know that California is an agricultural powerhouse.  But what many people don’t fully understan


LGMA Launches Handwashing App

The California LGMA has just launched its first app, available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad, designed to help train field worke


Tailgate Trainings Happening on United Fresh Convention Floor

Retail and food service customers – and now governme

Arizona and California Partner to Produce Safe Food

Together, California and Arizona provide 94.7 percent of the leafy green


Dan Sutton: The Impact of Stories from Real People

The LGMA recently released both a new food safety training program for workers throughout th


Lauren Bush: A Personal Account on the Importance of Food Safety

This month LGMA Tech’s new food safety training prog


Food Safety Training Program Launches

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of our new farm food safety training program; which started earlier


New LGMA Tech Training Video Unveiled

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement was pleased to be involved in a press event hosted earlier tod

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New Resource on Agricultural Water Quality Available

The Center for Produce Safety (CPS), with the help of Western Growers, i


Audit Numbers Provide Valuable Information

The LGMA is getting ready to publish its Annual Report which will tally results from the man

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LGMA Debuts Informational Video Series

I’m happy to announce the debut of a series of informational videos created by the LGMA.  Today, more and m


Communicating Good Research

The Center for Produce Safety prides itself on funding food safety research that is applicable to the realities of the produce i


New Produce Safety Research is on the Horizon

The Center for Produce Safety (CPS) 5th Annual Research Symposium is two weeks away and the


CDC Vital Signs Report Focuses on Norovirus

When it comes to preventing foodborne illness, the LGMA is in agreement with health experts