Training (LGMA Tech)

Food safety is a process, not a one-time task. We like to say that the LGMA program helps member companies to establish a culture of food safety on the farm. This means that food safety happens every day and that every employee has a role to play. Continuous improvement through training and education is a top priority for the LGMA; we require and facilitate training for leafy green shippers, growers and harvest crews throughout California.

Who should attend?

LGMA Tech Training is targeted at supervisor and/or lead food safety personnel who are responsible for ensuring that all workers are adequately trained in their company’s food safety program and the LGMA food safety practices. Each of the modules in the training series are based upon the principles of “train-the-trainer” which will provide the tools and resources for them to provide quality of training necessary to meet this objective.



There are six-core workshops in LGMA-Tech; special topic workshops may be offered on an as-needed basis.


Learn the basic concepts and principles of adult learning in this two day course. Includes in-class presentations and video-taping and critique of final presentation.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Harvesting Equipment

Focuses on basic requirements of cleaning and sanitizing, including commonly used sanitizers and mixing sanitizing solutions. Emphasizes the (8) recognized steps for cleaning and sanitizing harvesting equipment as required by the LGMA.

Managing Harvest Operations and Personnel

Focuses on basic supervisory and management techniques to improve performance of harvest crew supervisors. Includes group discussion and problem solving of common issues and concerns.

Personal Hygiene and Hand Washing: Training Techniques

Techniques and activities for teaching the importance of employee hygiene. Incorporates AZ LGMA’s Module 2 on employee hygiene and the LGMA Tech Hand Washing App as an important training tool.

Sampling and Testing Procedures

Focuses on the LGMA requirements for sampling water distribution systems, commonly used sanitizers, pH and ORP. Includes group and individual “hands-on exercises and discussion.

Environmental Assessments

An 8 hour, two day course which focuses on the LGMA requirements for pre-harvest and daily harvest assessments. Includes team problem solving for issues like animal intrusion, buffer zones and contamination.

Training Resources


Food Safety Training in Arizona and California

traininggraphicThe California LGMA has a sister program in Arizona that is almost identical. Working with hundreds of farmers throughout California and Arizona, LGMA members produce approximately 90% of the leafy greens grown in the U.S. – that adds up to over 50 billion servings of leafy greens each year. The training programs for the CA and AZ LGMA programs are designed to complement one another.

While LGMA Tech in California targets supervisors and lead personnel, the AZLGMA training program training efforts targets the field workers responsible for harvesting and packing activities. The AZLGMA provides a robust set of training tools, including an in-field tailgate training series and supplementary videos for new and returning workings in an indoor setting. LGMA-Tech offers its food safety training workshops throughout the growing regions in California and Arizona.

Meet the Trainer: Mike Villaneva

Over 25 years of experience in agriculture led Mike Villaneva to his current post as Technical Director of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement. His background working in education, training and regulatory inspections provides a solid foundation for leading the organization's food safety training program. He has designed the program from the ground up with the goal of helping member companies continue to reduce audit citations and improve their overall food safety programs.

If you have a question regarding the food safety practices or audits, reach out to Mike